Thursday, September 25, 2014

MetaEditor with Google Photo Sphere support available

Latest version of MetaEditor with full support for Google Photo Sphere is available for download.

What's new:

- NEW: full support for Google Photo Sphere tags, new special dialog

- NEW: edit all tags in table view for more clarity
- NEW: tags grouped for clarity
- NEW: new edit controls for tags by its type
- FIX: fixed minor bugs in main application

Google Photo Sphere tool


  1. Hello, forgive me if I commented here, I have deleted my old MetaEditor (ME) which I think was a 2011 version (been using it for so long), and updated to the latest 2014 version: v3.3.1.0, just this first week of October 2015. Back in time, I use my old ME version mainly to EDIT an existing EXIF Orientation or to ADD a new one even if no EXIF exists at all. And so when I view the images edited by the old ME, I can see my intended rotation with Viewers such as IrfanView and ACDSee. Unfortunately with my latest v3.3.1.0, those such Viewers can't display my intended rotation anymore for some reason.

    I used PhotoME to open some images I saved with my old ME, and then to open those saved with the latest ME v3.3.1.0. PhotoME says the old images have Orientation data format as SHORT, while those saved with v3.3.1.0 have ASCII(2).

    I tried opening those old images saved by the old ME with the latest v3.3.1.0, but it can't detect those old Orientations I saved. Unfortunately, I have deleted my old ME version I've been using, so I can't remember what exact version it was but I think it was a 2011 version. With the latest v3.3.1.0, I tried editing the EXIF Orientation with different values, but still no luck, the Viewers could still not display my intended rotations.

    Thank you very much for ME. I'll try to find/download the lower versions for a while.

  2. Hello Lasae,

    I checked EXIF specification document quickly and found out that Image.Orientation tag is SHORT type. If latest MetaEditor is saving tag in different type, it is bug and I should to update app.
    If you want to download old version, I have couple of archives from 2010 - 2015. Let me know if you like to download, I will send you link.


    1. Hello, sometime after I commented here, I used Google to see if older MetaEditor versions are available elsewhere. If I remember correctly, I was able to get MSI's (couldn't find ZIP's) of v3.3.0.0,, and finally (which I am using right now). I tested each. Version has the same saved Orientation as While both the older versions save the Orientations I intended, therefore the saved images rotate correctly again in IrfanView or ACDSee.

      Yes, I'd like to download especially the portable ZIP package of the older versions. Maybe v3.2.9.0 also has the Orientation I wanted, so I can upgrade to it. Thanks in advance kind sir.

  3. Hello Lasae,

    here is MetaEditor 3.2.7, it is nearest version what you looking for I found.