Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PhotoMerge - imprint metadata into picture

PhotoMerge is easy to use tool for text inserting into your digital photos.

Inserted text can be any user defined string, any EXIF tag from photo and more. Any combinations of text are allowed. Batch processing.
Easy configurable by predefined profiles. Creating and editing your personal comments for individual photos. Resizing photos ratio before processing in a minilab/photolab (4:3, 3:2, ...). Export all EXIF tags to a file (CSV, HTM, XLS).

PhotoMerge, basic window


  • advanced text captioning in photos (file info, EXIF tags, etc...)
  • batch processing
  • framing, picture stamping
  • new design (resizable window, themes, expandable tools, large preview, etc...)
  • Google maps for geotagging
  • merge photos in background
  • insert file info (creation date, filesize, ...)
  • insert baby's age (couple of formats)
  • insert a small graphics file
  • real preview on current setting for more intuitive work

System requirements:

     Windows 95
     Windows 98
     Windows ME
     Windows 2000
     Windows XP SP2
     Windows Vista
     Windows NT4
     Windows 2003 SP1
     Windows 2008
     Windows 7
     Windows 8
    .NET Framework 3.5 or higher


See downloads tab.

More screenshots:

frame options

text options
font and colors

example 1, basic text with metadata in white box on the bottom

example 2, floating frame with date and user comment from picture metadata

example 3, Google map inserted with pushpin based on geotag data

add your baby's age

automate it with background service

Donation for this project:

This application is provided free without charge. But if you like this application, please, consider to make a small donation to fund and continue this site. Thank you in advance! :-)

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