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MetaEditor - picture metadata editor tool

Application MetaEditor (successor of ExifEditor) will allow you to edit hidden metadata within your digital photos very easy and quickly. It supports JPEG, TIFF (multipaged too) and PNG file formats, as well as batch processing with multiple files at once.

MetaEditor - basic window


  • support for JPG and TIFF photo file format
  • edit EXIF, IPTC and GPS information in your photos
  • interoperability with Google Earth/Maps, file formats KML, KMZ supported
  • lossless photo editing without re-compression
  • metadata export & import to/from XML file
  • advanced features for text and date values (shift date, upcase, lowecase, ...)
  • MEcmd console utility included - batch processing from command line (click for help and samples here)
  • without installation, you can download ZIP file, extract and run
  • MetaCommander - copy, move, delete tags with Norton Commander's style (as of
  • GeoTagger - inject GPS coords into your photos, Garmin GPX file supported (as of
  • Flickr and Picasa support (as of
  • support for 64bit operating systems (as of
  • MetaEditor Wizard (as of

MetaEditor vs. ExifEditor comparsion
MetaEditor ExifEditor
Environment.NET Framework 3.0.NET Framework 2.0
Operating systemWindows XP SP2 or higherWindows 98 or higher
Metadata supportEXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMPonly EXIF
Known tagsapprox. 275 (in ver., can be extendedcan read all tags in a picture
Lossless savingYESNO
Export tags to CSV, XMLYESYES
Strip metadata from photosYESNO
Extract thumbnailsYESNO
Advanced featuresYESYES
Google Earth compatibilityYESNO
Batch editing from consoleYESYES
Installation sourceMSI, ZIPMSI, ZIP
Statusin progressdevelopment stopped
Pricingfree (donation welcome)free (donation welcome)

System requirements:

    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows ME
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP SP2
    Windows Vista
    Windows NT4
    Windows 2003 SP1
    Windows 2008
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    .NET Framework 3.5 or higher


See downloads tab.

More screenshots:

Tag list, can be exported to standard file formats

export image to Picasa online gallery

GPS support, you can automatically geotag your photos

batch geotagging of images

advanced feature, you can use calculated values for tags

export and import wizard

import tags from XML file

task log window

change queue, modifications can be applied to many images at once, list can be saved for future use, etc...

MetaCommander, manage tags in same way like files

geotagging with Google Maps

Donation for this project:

This application is provided free without charge. But if you like this application, please, consider to make a small donation to fund and continue this site. Thank you in advance! :-)


  1. Thanks for the nice tool ! I like it very much (although i have some thoughts to enhance it, i will tell tou later).
    I have a problem with keywords. When i put keywords (seperated with ; ) in a JPG-file with ME, it is OK. I can read the proporties (and keywords) of the changed JPG-file with Total Commander. When i add a keyword via Total Commander to the same file, i can still read the proporties (and keywords) of the changed JPG-file with Total Commander.
    But when reading the keywords with ME, the keywords are gone.
    Can you have a look?

    1. Hello! Of course, I have. However I never used Total Commander yet, I have to discover this first :-) I ask you for details if necessary. Thanks.

    2. ... and it is here :-) How to change properties in TC? You mean select picture file and choose "File - Properties" and attributes here? But this is standard windows property dialog... Anyway, I can discover this too, what's going on with Keywords...

  2. Ok, yes i mean in TC select picture file and choose "File - Properties" and attributes. Did not know it was the standard windows property dialog. Sorry.

    1. Hello,

      I'd like to inform you about latest version of MetaEditor. It support file properties from Windows explorer, or Total Commander.

  3. Looks useful but I get an error when saving changes "value does not fall within the expected range". Have you tested the program on Windows 7 64 bit?

    1. Yes, of course. Moreover, it is written in Windows 7 64 bit. Can you send me sample file and short description of error? Steps, how to reproduce error. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the new version, but i still think something is not OK. I do not see my keywords under IPTC-2:25. I see one keyword under dc:Subject (XMP), only one, but i think that is not the right place. And have a look at : UserComments (EXIF-37510) and Orientation (EXIF-274). I think they need some attention.

    1. Hello, I know, Windows explorer works different. When you modify tag (for example Keywords) under Windows explorer, it write value not only to EXIF.XPkeywords tag only, but to XMP.Keywords too and other tags too. It is little bit chatic from my point of view :-) MetaEditor write value exactly to specified tag only.

      But, I already thought about some "compatibility" mode with Windows explorer, so Metaeditor would write value to multiple tags cuncurrently. You will see in next version...

    2. I'm not working with Windows Explorer (only for checking the properties of files. I am working with ExifTools(Gui) and Piwigo (also using Exiftools).

  5. Is there any way to add an IPTC tag if the photo doesn't have one? IPTC tags don't show up in the "Select Tag" dropdown menu if the photo doesn't already have IPTC tags.

    1. Hello, of course, it is possible. Open MetaEditor, some image file, switch to Advanced mode (Tools-Advanced mode) and then you will see menu Tags in second pane. You can add any (known) tag to picture (EXIF, IPTC, XMP).

  6. Thanks for the reply. Now I see how to do it from the tags menu.

    While I'm writing, one feature request, although maybe it wouldn't be helpful for everyone. It would be nice if Metaeditor remembered the most recent tag filter, both in the second pane, and in the New Exif Tag dialog. I'm always working with the same tags (IPTC tags) and having the filter in place makes it easier, but I have to keep resetting it for each image. (Also, I'll note that if I search for IPTC in the New Exif tag dialog, the IPTC tags do not display, but it does work if I filter for IPTC in the second pane.)

    Thanks for the great software!

    1. Hello,
      you can try a new beta version of MetaEditor with these features if you wish. See Download tab and beta version link. Thanks for your feedback in advance.

    2. Wow - thanks! Being able to select recently used tags from the edit tag and new tag areas is perfect! Sent a donation!

  7. Great idea. I have a question: are you using same tags and values too? If yes, you can use so called "soap" file for storing modification list to file and anytime read it back later. Is it usable for you? Steps: switch to Advanced mode, perform any changes you want and from 3rd pane "Changes" right-click on list and choose "Save...".

    1. That's neat! Unfortunately, I'm not setting the same values every time. I'm basically just using Metaeditor to edit IPTC bylines and comments for my family photo album, so that they display next to photos uploaded to (and will be readable by other tools if I switch to a different photo hosting site some day) Metaeditor is the nicest IPTC editor I have seen so far, though I know I am only using a little bit of its functionality.

  8. Great tool, but I found some discrepancies:
    1. I can only start the wizard from the MetaEditor, if I have files selected. But inside the wizard I have to select them again.
    2. The wizard needs a "select all added files" button.
    3. MetaEditor doesn't add special characters like ä,ö,ü to values, expecting an ASCII character. Depending on the used ASCII table, these characters are valid. (If I do this with the wizard, it works.)

    1. Hello Joe,

      thanks for your message. My very fast check:

      ad 1) requirement to have at least one picture opened before wizard starts is odd. It will be corrected in next release. Not pre-selected pictures within wizard is same.
      ad 2) I don't understand... what you mean? How to replicate this step?
      ad 3) see Options menu, is depends on ASCII/Unicode settings for UserComment tag. All other text values "should be" in ASCII only, ie. no special char is allowed by EXIF definition.



  9. Hello Joe,

    MetaEditor has been updated, bugs with wizard should be fixed. Updated version is available for download.


  10. Hello Pavel and thank you for your program.

    I tried to export an XML file with seven photos selected but apart from a header the file as read by MS Excel or Notepad is empty. I am using Windows 8.1 - is this the issue?

    1. Hello Jeff,

      thanks for your post. I quickly test export to XML and found no issue (under Windows 7). But I don't believe that Windows 8.1 is causing this. Probably something wrong with pictures. Can you test it with different JPEG file? Or send your file to my email for debug?


    2. BTW, are you using latest version of MetaEditor, ie.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hello Pavel,

    Nice program. I'm trying to copy the value XMP.xmp:CreateDate to EXIF.Image.DateTime for a number of jpeg images in a batch process. Is this possible? If so, how?


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